A Special Invitation to Alaska Communications (ACS) Wireless Customers from Copper Valley Telecom

Alaska Communications (ACS) announced on Thursday, December 4 that it will be selling its customers' contracts to GCI. This means if you are an Alaska Communications customer today, in the near future you will automatically become a GCI wireless customer. Here at the Copper Valley Telecom offices, we have been hearing that many of you have serious concerns about becoming GCI customers.

In our region, you do have a choice of carriers and we invite you to explore the option of moving your wireless service to Copper Valley Telecom. You are welcome here and we would love to have your business! Read more >>>

Copper Valley Telecom Wins National Smart Rural Community Award

Smart Rural Community AwardIn September, Copper Valley Telecom and the communities the company serves were awarded with national recognition as Smart Rural Communities. The Smart Rural Community award is an initiative of NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association to promote and recognize innovative cross-industry use of broadband applications for community growth and strength. Read more >>>

CVTC Retires $1,831,500.00 in Capital Credits

The Board of Directors of Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative (CVTC) recently approved the 2014 general retirement of patronage capital credits concerning the remaining 70% of 1991, 35% of 1992 and 10% of the allocations for members purchasing CVTC services in 2013. Read more >>>

IE8 Support for SmartHub will be Discontinued

Effective November 1, 2014, NISC (SmartHub) will no longer support Internet Explorer version 8 or lower. Read more >>>

Copper Valley Telecom wins $47,325 Rural Energy for America Grant for Shoup Bay Solar Array

Copper Valley's alternative energy program will continue to grow thanks to a $47,325 grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in September. Read more >>>


Project Santa

Applications are now available on the Project Santa page.