2015 Scholarship Applications

The 2015 CVTC and Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) applications are available for downloading from the links below.

CVTC Board of Director Election

The nomination petition and director qualifications are available at the links below. Petitions must be received in the CVTC business office no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 10th, 2015.

A Special Invitation to Alaska Communications (ACS) Wireless Customers from Copper Valley Telecom

Alaska Communications (ACS) announced on Thursday, December 4 that it will be selling its customers' contracts to GCI. This means if you are an Alaska Communications customer today, in the near future you will automatically become a GCI wireless customer. Here at the Copper Valley Telecom offices, we have been hearing that many of you have serious concerns about becoming GCI customers. Read more >>>

Copper Valley Telecom Turns on 4G LTE Wireless Data at Lake Louise Cell Site

On December 30, 2014, Copper Valley Telecom turned on 4G LTE wireless data at its Lake Louise cell site. The site, located at Mile 10 of the Lake Louise Road, provides voice and data to customers living and traveling around the lake, including lodges, cabins, and the Lake Louise State Recreation Area campground. Tests of the signal resulted in speeds of 10-30 Mbps, the same speeds received from other 4G LTE sites in the Copper Valley and Valdez. Some historically hard to serve spots around the Lake tested at 7 Mbps. The 4G LTE upgrade at Lake Louise was made possible when the company replaced its microwave pathway with ten miles of new fiber optic line on Lake Louise Road.

Copper Valley Telecom operates 39 cell sites, 25 of which offer 4G LTE data speeds. The sites are located in the Copper River Valley, Valdez, Prince William Sound, and Cordova.

Copper Valley Telecom Wins National Smart Rural Community Award

Smart Rural Community AwardIn September, Copper Valley Telecom and the communities the company serves were awarded with national recognition as Smart Rural Communities. The Smart Rural Community award is an initiative of NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association to promote and recognize innovative cross-industry use of broadband applications for community growth and strength. Read more >>>


New Durable 4G LTE Smartphone Now Available!

Copper Valley Telecom has launched the new Kyocera DuraScout, a phone touted as nearly indestructible. See a video demonstrating its durability here.

New Promotions!

Check out the new promotions and view the chart comparing Android phones to IPhone 6 Plus.

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